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Making a difference!

​Connecting Hope is...

      Connecting Hope is a non-profit organization in Barre, Vermont which represents a network of partner Christian churches who seek to bridge the gaps that exist in the fabric of the various social services available. This includes meeting the needs of Central Vermonters who might otherwise fall through the cracks of supports for a variety of reasons. 

      Our goal is to serve people in need in a way that is relational, holistic, and offers opportunity and encouragement to address the root causes of the many challenges faced by those in need. Lack of positive social support creates an additional disadvantage for those interested in change but unable to overcome obstacles alone. 

      Using our telephone "HOPELINE" as a point of access, Connecting Hope offers assistance with needs related to food, transportation, budgeting, mentorship/social support, home repairs, clothing, job searches, and more. Keep reading to find out how we connect with individuals and families who need us most.

Helping People. 

The churches of Connecting Hope have combined their resources to address the growing number of unmet needs they encounter in the local community. In addition to physical and practical needs, the men and women of these congregations hope to make lasting connections with individuals and families who are also in need of supportive relationships that will help them thrive in spite of life's challenges.

Helping Churches.

By becoming a Member Church in the Connecting Hope network, churches need never turn away a person who comes to their door in need. Additionally, members of their congregations will have opportunities to serve in ways that resonate with their personal mission and using the gifts unique to each member. Member Churches can also rest assured they are practicing good stewardship of their resources as Connecting Hope takes care of need verification and making sure folks are making the best use possible of the resources available to them. We seek to replace a hand out with a hand up for lasting change.


Building Our Community.
Connecting Hope hosts a variety of events that connect people in need with church and community resources, clothing, goods, and groceries. These events create a sense of community within the church, resource organizations and people who are served.  Building relationships with the people of Central Vermont is at the heart of Connecting Hope as it brings the Christian faith community together to meet people where they are at in their season of need.  Strengthening individuals and families towards a future of hope and resilience.

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